Catochini, Strobliellini and Acoenoniini revisited: a taxonomic review of the small tribes of the Micromyinae (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2017
Authors:Jaschhof, M.
Date Published:apr

The taxonomy of Catochini, Strobliellini and Acoenoniini, three species-poor tribes of the subfamily Micromyinae, is reviewed on the basis of new material from Europe and Japan. In the Catochini, the genus Anocha Pritchard stat. rev. is revived from synonymy with Catocha Haliday and shown to include eight species, five of which are new: Anocha glabra sp. nov. (Sweden), A. grytsjoenensis sp. nov. (Sweden), A. japonica sp. nov. (Japan), A. moraviensis sp. nov. (Czech Republic), and A. vernalis sp. nov. (Sweden). Anocha minuta (Jaschhof), originally described in the genus Catarete Edwards, and Catocha brachycornis (Spungis {&} Jaschhof), previously classified in the genus Strobliella Kieffer, tribe Strobliellini, are new combinations. In the Acoenoniini, new species described are Acoenonia baltica sp. nov. (Sweden, Latvia) and A. ulleviensis sp. nov. (Sweden). The female of Groveriella Mamaev (tribe Strobliellini) is described for the first time. Keys are provided to the species of Anocha and Acoenonia Pritchard.

Taxonomic name: 
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